Is Age Really Just A Number?

When we’re in school, we are meeting people who could be extremely older or extremely younger than us.  This creates relationships with a one year age difference up to a five year age difference.  So the unanswered question is; does age really matter?

My first (real) relationship was with someone who was five years older than me.  I was 16 when it began, and if you do the math, he was 21. Am I going to diss all relationships that include age differences just because I got dumped? No, I won’t do that.  But, I will tell you what I learned from that relationship and the mini relationships I held after.

When you’re dating someone older than you, especially someone a lot older than you, there are many problems you will run into. Age may be just a number, but it also determines what point in your life you are at.  If you’re younger, you may be still exploring, with many possibilities in front of you. If you are older, you may be looking to settle down sooner rather than later, with years of played out experience under your belt.

The truth is, even if it’s a year or five years, there’s usually a difference. You are going to be jealous when your boyfriend or girlfriend is at the bar and you are still not 21.  You’re going to be lonely when they graduate from college and have to consider moving for a job.  You will never be in the exact same place, unless you’re willing to work harder and dedicate your life for one person. I do recommend giving your relationship a shot. Keep in mind, though, that if you start to realize that your lives are differing far too much, age isn’t just a number in this case and you need to kick that relationship to the curb.

Rosie Kelly

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