Meeting the Parents

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With holidays rolling in, many of you may be bringing home that special someone for the first time ever. Thoughts begin to race for both involved: will they like me? What if they don’t like him? Do I have to dump her then? What if they bring up embarrassing topics? What if they like him more than me?

Well, have no fear, we have some tips from both guys and gals on how to survive that first firm handshake and chatty meal.

1. Get the Scoop.

Find out things you have in common with your bae’s parents. Does her dad like football? Do you like football? Talk about that! Does his mom love baking? Did you make cookies once in 9th grade? Talk about it! Know these things beforehand so you can have something to chat about when the conversation dies a little.

2. Prep your Parents.

Sure, your dad thinks it’s funny to pretend he forgot your new boyfriend or girlfriend’s name, but it’s really not that funny.  Go over the topics that can be talked about so the night goes smoothly for both parties.  Also, coordinate the meal.  Make sure everyone’s going to like what you’re eating, because honesty is always best and pretending to like your mom’s cooking might not go so well.

3. R E S P E C T!

It sounds like common sense to be polite, but maybe we need to define it for you. Shake their hands when you meet them and stand up when you’re first introduced to someone new. These aren’t your bff’s, they’re someone you need to impress. Don’t curse, stay off your phone, and make eye contact. You can bear it for a night.

4. Dress to Impress.

Wear a belt, seeing your underwear isn’t cool in general, but it is definitely not cool in front of the rents.  Don’t overdo it, look good but look like yourself.

5. Know your Plans.

You know how every time you go to large family functions people ask what you’re going to do after college? The parents are going to ask you this too. If you don’t have it figured out – no worries! But have some sort of prep answer and at least pretend you have an inkling of what you’re doing after the diploma.  Your boyfriend/girlfriend’s parents want them to be with someone who is going somewhere.

6. Be Yourself.

It’s going to be stressful and nerve-wracking, but if their little angel loves you, so will they! Don’t tell lies or over exaggerate on things you’re not going to be able to back up in the future. In the end, there’s really nothing to worry about.

Happy Holidays!

Rosie Kelly

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