Yik Yakkin Double Standards


Men are very open about their sexual experiences.  They talk about how they got laid that weekend, who they want to hook up with next weekend, and get high fives when their friends think the girl leaving their room the next morning was hot.

Guess what – girls do this too.

We talk about how photo-3we want to get laid this weekend, who we want to hook up next weekend, and get high fives from our friends when they think the boy whose room we left this morning was hot.

So what’s the difference? Why is it when a girl is open about her sexuality, she’s a whore or slut? When boys are open about theres, it’s just normal behavior. There is this blatant double standard that everyone has just shrugged off and accepted. Now I’m not pushing every one into one category, some men respect the sexuality of women and some do not.  But an overwhelming majority have a problem with their future girlfriends being “whores.”

A popular app named “Yik Yak” is an anonymous Twitter-like app that is based on location.  Here at Rowan, you can often see men berating the women they’ve hooked up with because they’re easy and that means they are undateable.

Here’s something to think about: maybe that girl doesn’t want to date you either! Maybe she just wanted to have sex that night and that’s why she was “easy.”  You are also the one participating in this one night stand, so that puts you on the same standard as her.

The next time you want to turn to Yik Yak about the girl you hooked up with being beneath you because she likes sex too, please remember anything you think about a girl, you should also be thinking about yourself.

Rosie Kelly

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