Running Into Your Ex: Winter Break Edition

You did it! The fall semester is over and you didn’t die from finals stress or from all those half priced margaritas you downed after you finally finished.  It was a tough semester, coming back from summer and adjusting to a new class schedule, campus dining, and drinking three to four times a week.  You made it through though, nothing can stop you from that drive home and much-deserved month long break.

Almost nothing.

It was easy when you were away at school, to not think about your ex.  Now you’re back in the hometown (when did this town get so small?) and in danger of running into that dreaded ex-love. Maybe you both have moved on, maybe you haven’t.  There are still a few things to keep in mind, despite the circumstances.

You were over it before and it’s not because you were distracted at school and just keeping your mind off of it, you were genuinely happy without him/her before you ran into them in the soup aisle of Shoprite.

You might hate them, you might want to melt in their arms again, you might want to run away. Keep calm. Your ex is just a person that was in your life before and no longer is in the same way.  Be casual, say your hello’s, and draw your boundaries.

In a month you’ll be back at school and your ex will be a distant memory once again.  A run-in with an old flame will always be a high pressure situation, but it is one that will only last as long as you will allow it.  If you can pass a final for a class you skipped more than you went to, you can calmly wave to your ex (even if you’re sticking up your middle finger in your coat pocket).

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Have a good break and good luck with finals!

Rosie Kelly

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