Your Number Will Always Be Too High

I’m a chronic googler, the moment a question comes to my mind I have to find the answer out immediately. How else would I know that cats are self cleaning animals and mayonnaise is good for your hair? This brought me to the question of how many is too many sexual partners for a woman. I typed the question in the Google search bar and…yikes.

I asked this question to a few men on the Hookup Culture Facebook page.  The answer ranged, some saying that they wouldn’t date a woman who has had sex with more than 15-20 men.  But I never got an exact number or even definitive answer from anyone.

The average number of sexual partners a woman has in her lifetime is four. The average number of sexual partners a man has in his lifetime is seven.

The interesting part of this is, these studies are based off of people whose ages range from teenage and exploring new things to college students and extremely sexually active to busy working people who fit whatever they can in their schedule to people who have been married for years!

The “hookup culture” is seen as our generation being promiscuous and avoiding relationships. We avoid these relationships because technology has allegedly ruined our sense of communication.  Realistically, we are just a generation that has decided to spend more time on ourselves, our education, and our future.  Constantly spending time trying to find someone to share all that with just jeopardizes the goal we’re working toward.

Your “number”, no matter male or female, will always be too high to someone that wants you all to their self. How many is too many all depends on your comfort zone.  Just because the average is less than you can count on one hand or two, doesn’t mean you’re above average or promiscuous.  There are plenty of people who meet the average of four or seven and knocked all of those out in a month whereas someone else who has had several relationships will have a higher number.

Be comfortable with yourself and remember no one while ever approve of your number, so keep it to yourself or carry it proudly.

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