The Last First Day

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During my four years at college, I found myself regretting bad decisions on a daily basis.

I regretted starting my papers an hour before they were due, I regretted not studying for a test, I regretted not doing the extra credit handed to me.

I regretted drinking the night before my 9:25 class, resulting in an unreal hangover. I regretted not going to a party because I had work the next day.  Then regretted going out when I did have work the next day.

I regretted the boys I kissed, the fights I had with friends, the large Dominos pizza and cheesy bread I ordered and ate by myself on Valentine’s Day.

It’s my “last first day” and as I enter the last leg of the race, I regret nothing.  There are plenty of things in college that are going to make you face your rock bottom.  Whether it is your first bad grade, gaining 20 pounds, having your heart smashed by your high school sweetheart, or realizing you were a one night stand.  You have no other choice to but to look deep within yourself and pick yourself up from a situation you have never been in before and never thought in a million years that you would be in.

But it’s okay.  It’s okay that someone treated you like shit and it’s okay that you treated someone like shit.  It’s okay your parents are pissed about the D+ you got in a dumb elective. It’s okay you missed class because you were too hungover.  Because as you enter your last semester of college, you’ll know what’s NOT okay to do anymore after college and the best part is you’ve already done it all!

If you’re a senior you’ve probably already hit your rock bottom and are ready to face the bigger and better things that await you after graduation.  If you are an underclassmen (I am seriously jealous of you) just know that the more things you regret in the present, the less you’ll regret after graduation.

Happy New Semester From Hookup Culture!

Rosie Kelly

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