Valentine’s Day Craze

You can basically walk into any store right now and see a variety of Valentine’s Day candies and presents.  I knew it was coming, the day of in-your-face-love, but I wasn’t expecting so many people to be going along with the craze.

The main winter holidays have ended (Christmas/New Years).  I was under the impression that with the ending of the holidays, came the end of cuffing season.  Those who went FBO would quietly change their statuses back to single and those in-it-for-the-long-haul couples would stay in their relationships and celebrate Valentine’s Day together.

I was so wrong. Cuffing season has only just begun as Valentine’s Day sneaks its way into the winter holidays.  Everywhere you look, people are deciding that it is time to be official.  Maybe it’s because all of their friends took the leap in December, maybe it’s because February 14th is quickly approaching and being alone would just suck.

Enjoy the season and congrats to all the new couples!  Love is in the air – stay tuned for many more Valentine’s Day articles (written by someone maybe, sorta, bitterly single.)

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