Spring Break Expectations

photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/chriswaits/
photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/chriswaits/

We made it to the middle of the semester to one of the most hyped up weeks of the year.  Spring Break. You’re about to take your midterms, hand in your papers, and attempt to pick up all of the slack you’ve been ignoring since day one.  Meanwhile, all you can think about is St. Patrick’s Day, Spring Break, and weather that doesn’t make you want to roll up like a burrito in your bed. I know just what you’re thinking:

1. You’ll be bathing-suit ready in the week

Maybe… but the more you’re telling yourself that probably means the less amount of days you’ve actually gone to the gym or stuck to your diet. Truth is, it’s mid-March and we’re all pale and have gained a love-hate relationship with our winter fat layer brought on by too many margaritas at the bar and cheap beer chugged in a frat basement. Embrace it.

2. I’ll never want to go back to school after Spring Break!

Seven straight days of binge drinking is going to make you very grateful that some days you have responsibilities that don’t allow you to drink the night before. You’ll miss school.

3. I’m definitely going to meet the love of my life over Spring Break!

One of the most exciting things about Spring Break is all of the people you’re going to meet. Kids from all over the country rush to places like PCB and Cancun over their breaks. But, to think that you’re going to meet someone you’ll actually speak to after break ends is saying that you’re actually going to remember meeting that person the next day…slightly unlikely.

4. Non-stop drinking and partying!

No, you’re going to need a break from your Spring Break. Even if you’re taking a couple of sober hours just laying on the beach and drinking water, you’re going to want to do something that’s going to help you avoid a two-day hangover and ruin your trip.

5. I’m going to be soooo tan!

Maybe! If you’re ever sober enough to remember to apply sunscreen! Otherwise you might turn into a bright red lobster, or you might not leave the covered bar long enough to get some sunshine.

Enjoy your Spring Break! You only get one per year of college to be unbelievably reckless before it’s frowned upon.

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