Second Half of the Last Semester

I pretty much missed the part where I became a grown up.

It was only five years ago when I looked at people who were my age now and thought they were so much older than me, more adult, and prepared.  Now, I am supposed to be all of those things.  Not even a year ago, I turned 21 and was told to have fun and live it up.  This birthday when I’m 22, I’m hopefully going to be employed and on my way to success.

Isn’t that scary?

My only advice to seniors like me who are graduating is to do all of the things you want to do.  Don’t let the constant pressure of graduation and finding a job ruin your second half of your last semester.  We’ve been in school for the last 16 years of our lives – so there really is no reason to rush into the real world.  Do what makes you happy, but keep a little spot in your mind open to doing well in school the last few weeks.

My advice to those lucky kids who aren’t yet graduating is easy.  Four years goes by very quickly, make sure you’re spending that time with people who are always building you up.  Never give unnecessary time to people who are only bringing you down, even if they are constantly tricking you into thinking you need them.  This will lead you to have as much fun as possible and succeed as much as possible in college.

Good luck on the next few weeks of school and don’t forget to treasure it!

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