Dating The Undateable

Isn’t it the same old story? We always want what we can’t have, especially when it comes to love.

Getting over someone is always going to be hard, no matter how it ended.  You got comfortable with someone and got in a routine that you enjoyed. Ending it, no matter the circumstances, means a new way of life.

In college, undateable people are a dime a dozen.  This is unfortunately where most people are going to get their hearts broken. You’re going to fall for an undateable person and they’re going to break your heart.  The worst part is, you knew all along that this was how it was going to end.  You knew you couldn’t change them, even though every so often they gave you a glimpse of hope that they could possibly change.

The problem with undateable people is they will always self sabotage. Even when things are going great, they’ve created a life where they enjoy being on their own and don’t want it to change.

Another problem with undateable people is that they are so confident with this decision to be alone. There is nothing more attractive than confidence.  This person knows what they want and are comfortable in their own skin.  They go after what makes them happy and they aren’t afraid to end things that aren’t making them happy. How do you get over someone like that? Someone who is so self aware that they are more often than not only thinking of themselves, not you.

Dating the undateable is only going to end badly.  They’re going to leave a handprint on your heart because when they do something, they’re doing it to make themselves happy. This means you shared quite a few happy memories together. You’re going to hear songs that remind you of them, eat places you frequented together, and see the most random thing and not be able to forget their smile.  It’s the same old story, all you can do is learn your lesson the first time.

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