No Boys Allowed

My mind has always been very boy centered.  I blame it on all of the books I read and romantic movies I find myself watching on Netflix at 1 AM.  I’m always dating someone, crushing on someone, pissed off at someone, or dumping someone. My boy-crazy head is always looking for some kind of companionship.

Then there will be these brief moments of time where I’m just over it. When a boy flirts with me, butterflies don’t flutter in my stomach and I don’t immediately play out our lives together in my head.  I don’t care that I’m not going to the bar and might miss out on meeting my soulmate, because that’s pretty irrational. I enjoy all the time with friends and being on my own and it’s nice to feel like I don’t need anyone but myself.

Unfortunately, that’s not human nature and the feeling doesn’t last long.  We all cling to being wanted, but there are times where the drama of it all is just too much to handle.  It would be nice if that confidence in being alone could last forever.  it surely would help with building relationships in the future.

For now, I’ll continue to be on the constant look out for an epic love.  But, I’ll try to learn from those rare weeks where I’m confident and happy alone.

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