Dad Bods, Man Buns, and Facial Hair

It’s funny to watch styles come and go. Even funnier when we begin to popularize things with names such as “dad bods” and “man buns.” Not sure if you want to go down the man bun, dad bod, or facial hair path? Here’s some opinions on the three:

Dad Bods:

By definition – someone who has the body of a dad. It’s a guy who is a little on the softer side, proud of his gut, sporting a little muscle, and built for comfort.

Those who enjoy dad bods say:

It gets a little annoying when a guy is overly obsessed with going to the gym, eating healthy, and having the perfect physique. If they care that much about what they look like, they’re definitely going to care about what you look like. The dad bod lovers want their men looking like they can father children, drink a six pack, and sometimes do manly things outdoors. Plus, who doesn’t love something soft to cuddle with?

Those who aren’t huge fans of the dad bods say:

If I’m busting my butt to look cute, so should my guy! The gals against dad bods want someone who takes care of themselves a little more.  They can lift things, have leaner or sculpted bods, and are a little more clean cut than the dudes with dad bods.

Man Buns:

By definition – a man bun is a man with their hair in a bun. First seen on Europeans and soccer players, the man bun has gained its popularity through sports players and rugged models/actors.

Those who dig the man bun say:

The guys who did it originally and have rocked the style, can actually rock it. They have the scruff and the bod that lead to a perfect boho and indie look. With the right Instagram filter, a guy with a man bun looks as if he lives an active and wild lifestyle that you could be a part of!

Those for chopping off the man bun say:

There are a few things man buns go with and don’t go with.  They do not go with dad bods, they do go with facial hair.  Too many man bun wannabes are attempting this style with clean shaven faces and messy hair or messy hair with a messy bod.  Chop it off, take a shower, look like you put some effort into yourself besides sticking your weird straight hair into an attempted half-pony.

Facial Hair:

There are mustaches, beards, goatees, chin straps, sideburns, and all of the above combined!

Those who like the scruff say:

The more a man looks like he lives in a cabin in the woods, chops wood, and drinks whiskey for breakfast, the better! A guy with facial hair gives off the manly man vibe. Plus, if it’s well taken care of it’s sooo soft!

Those who want a clean shave say:

They want a baby face.  The cavemen-esque style just doesn’t cut it for them because it kind of looks like you’re a little dirty. As stated before, they want some effort in your appearance. Facial hair can also cause some irritation during a long make out sesh.

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Here’s a disclaimer though: if you like the way it looks then continue to rock it! Always do what makes you happy.

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