Summer of Feels

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It’s summer and everyone is tan, everyone is “bikini ready”, and everyone is wearing their cutest outfits.  Cue the feels.

When summer break starts, you’re either going home, to a vacation spot for the summer, or staying at your university.  In any of these options, you’re going to make a main group of friends that you hang out with consistently all summer.  And let’s face it, summer is never as exciting as we want it to be.

All year we think about the fun in the sun opportunities that await us, then end up overeating on our couch and watching reruns of Boy Meets World. At school, we go out and drink at least four times a week.  During these outings, we’re consistently meeting new people.  And that is not always the case during summer.

So, when you’re hanging out with the same people all the time, you’re going to build friendships and relationships that you normally wouldn’t have. That boy you’ve known for a year now suddenly seems so much more mature and good looking than he did when he was funneling a beer in your living room last November. Hookups happen, and after those hookups happen you realize you don’t have too many options for more hookups – so you continue it. Then you catch the feels, you spend all this time with someone in fun and intimate situations and you end up thinking that this is real.  This could be a relationship.  Come September, you’ll have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Now take a step back.  Because come September, you’ll be greeted by all your old friends and flings.  You’ll be going out four times a week again and meeting a new hottie tottie at the bar every week.  Now that summer fling doesn’t seem so appealing, they seem clingy.  You both lost your tan, you’ve gained your relationship gut, and stopped dressing up to impress each other.
Enjoy the feels, but leave them in the sand and sun. Start your school year flirty and single, because soon enough the temperatures will drop and you’ll need a cuddle buddy. Cuffing season is always a winter away!

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