Dating A Constant Wanderer

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I have a problem with staying in one place.  I have a constant need to be in different places and meeting new people.  The world is so big and I find it so hard to believe that we are meant to stay in one place for our whole life.

How do you date a constant wanderer?  They have a need to be in different places, but they wander in more ways than one.  Their minds wander, their hearts wander, and their bodies wander. They love the thrill of an adventure and the excitement of something new.  When things get stagnant, a wanderer will leave without missing a beat because they know that that place or that person is not where they are meant to be.

A wanderer will settle down eventually.  The thing is, they are always searching for something.  If you’re going to date a wanderer – you have to be what they’re searching for.  You can’t change them or please them, you just have to be enough.  It’s not up to you because to a wanderer everything is up to fate.

While I’m young, I want to go all the places I can go and meet all the people I can meet.  This is because, at one point, I’m hoping what I’m wandering to will find me.  In the meantime, I’ll keep searching for the answers to questions I’m not even sure of.

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