Being Single When Sad Things Happen

Even the most independent of people eventually need someone to lean on.

In tough times, you can always turn to your family or close friends.  But they don’t ever quite match up to the kind of comfort a boyfriend or girlfriend could offer.  In general, being single when sad things happen really sucks.

You don’t open up to your friends and family the way you do to your significant other.  He/she knows the deep and dark scary parts of you that aren’t shared with other people.  When something sad in your life happens, like a death, accident, or failure of some sort – you need a person to turn to who understands all parts of you.  A person that you aren’t afraid to cry in front of.  A person that won’t judge you.

In most cases, this could only ever be your boyfriend or girlfriend. Just as you like to share exciting news with your partner, sharing hard news is even more important.  You can manage to get anyone excited for you (almost), but you can’t get everyone to understand your pain.

Being in a relationship and being single both have their benefits and their disadvantages. Hard times can become even harder when you realize you don’t have someone to mourn with you, worry about it with you, or try to fix it with you.  There are just some things that can’t be replaced by friends and family – especially in sad times.

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