Relationships Through The Eyes Of Social Media

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Social media is a place where we constantly see new relationships forming. Brittany is now in a relationship with Bob on Facebook! Look at their kissing pictures on Instagram! Look at them tweet relationship goals at each other on Twitter! Look at her pin date ideas on Pinterest!

I grew up with an obsession with social media.  It started with Myspace where I had like 4,000 friends and all the attention I wasn’t getting in middle school was coming through the internet. From there, I was getting tweets as text messages to my EnV flip phone.  I eventually got to join the Facebook world (which I hated because…Myspace forever). I had a Pinterest, joined Klout, downloaded Snapchat, and Instagram – I immersed myself into the social media culture.

When I got my first boyfriend at 16, all I wanted to do was share it with the social media world.  My boyfriend at the time, being a couple of years older than me, didn’t understand the phenomenon.  He didn’t understand why I would passive aggressively like the comments his ex girlfriend made on his Facebook.  He didn’t understand why I always wanted him to take pictures of me to post on Instagram.  He didn’t understand why he could see my Snapchat best friends and why it mattered if I was his number one.

It was understandable that he thought I was crazy, social media wasn’t his obsession but it was to people my age.

We use our social media to portray the best parts of our lives.  We use it to make us look cool and show everyone from high school we’re doing 100 times better than them. We use it to show our exes we’re hanging out with new, hotter people.  We use it to express our emotions.

From the outside looking in, relationships on social media look perfect.  There are perfectly posed pictures and carefully crafted compliments.

Unless a couple is frustrated with each other, then there are sly subtweets and underlying lyrics.

Social media rips our lives wide open and exposes the guts and gore to the world. Remember the next time you’re stalking someone’s twitter timeline or clicking through their edited pictures, not everyone’s lives are as perfect as they seem behind the computer screen.

I’m not bashing social media – I’m still a huge fan – but there is a life to live outside your iPhone and instead of spending 20 minutes picking a filter for your kissing-in-front-of-a-sunset picture, why don’t you just look up and watch it for yourself?

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