The Struggles Of An Over-Thinker

We all have those nights where we wish more than anything that there was an off switch to our brains.  We’re kept awake by every embarrassing moment that still makes our cheeks flush, every relationship that still makes our hearts hurt, every scenario possible to a choice we made that we wish had gone differently.

No matter how hard you squeeze your eyes shut, you’re up until 5am with no glimpse of sleep in the future.

For some people, this happens every once in a while.  For over-thinkers, it happens 24/7.

Over-thinkers have brains that just won’t quit.  It’s a mix of anxiety and just a special kind of person who likes to pay attention to detail and maybe lives their life with wider eyes than everyone else.

If an over-thinker has a bad day, it will be embedded into their thoughts forever.  They’ll think about what they could have done differently, why bad things happen to them, when things will get better, and play situation after situation over and over into their head.  Even when these obsessive thoughts stop – this bad day will probably be brought up again on one of those sleepless nights that frequent over-thinkers more than the average person.

If an over-thinker has a great day, it is one that will be filed away to be remembered forever.  They’ll think about why things always can’t be that way, how everything can go downhill from here, and replay the day over and over in their head to evoke happiness again, but on top of endless questions.

Over-thinking can certainly take a toll on someone’s life, but it’s not anything that can be controlled. We all have ways to cope: some write it all down, some draw, some sing, some run, and some scream. Any way to make the over-thinking briefly stop is a blessing.  It comes with a certain amount of anxiety that will only build without an outlet.

It’s hard for an over-thinker to just be. Every action of the day is followed up by numerous questions that can’t even be answered.  If you know an over-thinker, all you can do is ease their anxiety and let them spill their piling thoughts out into your lap.  Even though eventually, their heads will fill right back up again.

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