The Need For Something New

When it rains, it pours, and when we feel too single and life feels too unstable, people like me only know one way to fix it. The only way to fix it is to change everything. Pack your bags and head for the open road.

When things start to go downhill, it’s easy to forget all of what we initially wanted to do with our lives. Because if it’s not working out now, will it work out ever?

You’re not meeting anyone new, your job is dead end, everyone in your life is failing you, and you’re failing yourself.  So you want to pick up and move to a different state. You want to start a new job and meet new people.  And since you’re in a new place, you think you’ll definitely meet a new person who you’ll fall in love with and everything will gracefully end up in place just because you’re not where you used to be.

Is it possible to just ditch your life and go somewhere else and have it all work out?  Or is that just our way of running away from our problems that will inevitably catch up with us no matter where we are?

When I feel my life becoming unbalanced I often start googling “the best places to start over” and searching for jobs in states out of my reach.  I never follow through because it’s not the easiest thing to just shift your life into another state and make all new friends (especially if you’re awkward and introverted like me). On more than one occasion though, after a week where things just didn’t go my way, my roommates would find my car gone from the driveway. Nothing was right, I needed to disappear, I needed change, I needed something new.

So what’s the solution to the people who think that something new is the only solution? Taking smaller steps of change is the best way to combat the blues and need for new. The problems you try to hide with an easy fix have a way of coming up through the cracks – so face them head on and start making improvements in your life before trying to make big changes.

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