Does Online Dating Lack Spontaneity?

Meet cute: a scene in film, television, etc. in which a future romantic couple meets for the first time in a way that is considered adorable, entertaining, or amusing.

Because I base so many of my falling-in-love fantasies off of love novels and star crossed movies, I’ve always pictured my moment with “the one” as a meet cute.

We’ve all watched at least one rom-com that has the lovely and broken girl falling into the arms of the protective and strong man. They bump into each other on the street and spill coffee on each other, he pulls over to help her fix her car, she finds his dog running away in the park, etc. etc.

But really – what am I supposed to base falling in love off of when all the media shows are these adorable scenarios?

That’s why I’m slightly afraid of online dating – on top of the possibility of the person not looking like their picture, being incredibly boring and awful, or just being a serial killer – does online dating take away the possibility of a meet cute? Does it take out all of the fun, danger, and excitement of running into someone in the gym and falling in love with each other as you both reach for the same water bottle?

I like the idea of online dating, because I like being able to get to know someone online before you spend your time with them in person.  But does it kill the magic, or does the built up tension until you finally meet make up for the fact that you didn’t fall in love in some overly romantic way?

Online dating is the now, more than 1/3 of relationships start online. And I can see why. As a millenial, I live in a ‘me’ generation and I don’t have a lot of time to waste on people who aren’t benefiting me.  So I could go on date after mediocre date with a person I made out with in a bar or a friend’s boyfriend’s friend.  Or I could scientifically matched up and bing bang boom – fall in love on the first coffee date (even though I don’t like coffee).

Realistically – how many meet cutes even happen in the real world? Most people just meet with a uncomplicated introduction through friends or at school or when they’re on vacation, they stay in contact and then they date.  Then they fall in love and then they get married.  It’s simple. It’s pretty boring.  And I think I have convinced myself online dating won’t take away the fairytale romance I build up in my head – though, I’m not sure I’m ready to try it.  Are you?

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14 thoughts on “Does Online Dating Lack Spontaneity?

  1. I met my fiance online. It wasn’t a dating site, it was just a really bad social media site that we found each other on. We were friends for around 16 months before we finally met up in person. When we finally met it was the most amazing day of my life 🙂 it was so nerve wracking but so perfect and romantic all at the same time. He held my hand within minutes and our first kiss beats any with a guy I met offline. Don’t be scared of it, embrace it. Just be careful 🙂

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  2. I think you’re probably right that meet cutes are pretty thin on the ground in ordinary life. At the same time, I have done A LOT of internet dating and not found the scientific way particularly successful either. I met so many guys who were great on paper and I just really didn’t click with in person. So that’s not a yes or a no from me. If you do give it a go, though, one thing i will guarantee: plenty of stories to keep your girl friends entertained!

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