Blast From The Past: When Your Ex Comes Back

I haven’t had the best relationships, they’ve all ended pretty poorly. So, when an ex texts me the first thing that comes to my mind is “literally, no.” I’ve gotten a text before and audibly said “NO” because that’s how much I didn’t want their name popping up on my notifications. If their name even pops up, meaning if I hadn’t deleted their number by now. Oops…

They don’t always come back, but they usually do. I think we’re all guilty of it – overthinking and sending a text to someone who used to mean so much to us.

What do you do?

Depends how it ended. If you think you can hold it together, refrain from unleashing any old feelings, and keep a level head – by all means, text them back. Tell him/her how you’re doing and ask how they are doing. Have a civil catch up, squash an indication of romance, and be done with it.

If you know you can’t hold it together (and trust me, I don’t blame you), don’t answer it. You’ve probably been working  pretty hard to get over that person and having another unproductive conversation will just set you 10 steps back.

You might want to know why they’re texting you. The curiosity might dig at you. Stalk their Facebook, did him and that girl he tried to get over you with obnoxiously break up? THEN DON’T ANSWER. You’re better than a rebound.

Can’t find any overwhelming evidence as to why they would want to speak to you again? Text back, but know you can end the conversation whenever you want. You should really take advantage of this.

You’re better than your ex. You’ve grown, and even if it doesn’t seem like that much, you really have been working at bettering yourself. Don’t let anyone tear you down. Text your friends with a screenshot, talk some shit, and stay strong. It’s just an ex.

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7 thoughts on “Blast From The Past: When Your Ex Comes Back

  1. Here are my two cents worth on this topic, if there are no children involved then cut the cord, delete the phone number from your phone, delete all social media links, you don’t want to be reminded nor do you want to be exposed by any new photos of them having a good time or see trash talk that may or may not be related to you. Refrain from talking trash publically or to that one close friend that is known to spread gossip, this is a hard one, but one does not want to sink to their level by releasing hatred socially for all to see.
    If there are children involved then suck it up, they may bad mouth you in front of the child and others but you do not want to be the one doing it back as a tit for tat so to speak. The child will see the difference as well as mutual friends. It’s about taking the high road which is hard when raw emotions are involved.
    Some ex’s like to torment the other by texting, playing with their emotions and minds and perhaps that “booty call”, like you said you don’t want to be the rebound person. Another reason, if they know the other is still hooked on him or her they will try to keep you on that hook just in case their new relationship does not work.
    If it is an ex from the past like from school and it just drifted apart due to moving or just growing apart, sometimes those can still be friends.
    Just my two cents worth.

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    1. I totally agree. I almost always delete the people I dated off of social media, it makes it so much harder to move on. It’s very difficult to stay friends with an ex no matter the circumstances because there were just so many unique feelings involved. Thanks for sharing, I’m glad to have another person’s insights 🙂

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