I Deleted My Online Dating Apps

Online dating is a tricky thing. People use it because they’re bored, because they’re too busy to meet someone in person, because they’ve run out of options, and etc. etc. I chose to download multiple online dating apps. I’m not always on my computer, but I am always on my phone. I downloaded them because I was bored, but also because now that I’ve moved home with my parents I don’t go out a lot in my area because my friends aren’t here. So I figured this would be an easier way to meet people. Why not, right?

Because, it sucks really. I would log into these apps and get messages from people who lived across the country, some from men that were 20 years older than me, and some that were clearly just not right for me. I received inappropriate and pushy messages. I was even sent voice messages that really freaked me out.

No one seems genuine. I especially think that if you are in your early 20’s, like me, this isn’t the place to be finding a long term boyfriend. Many people state they are just looking for fun, but message me even though my profile says I am looking for a relationship.

Also – when did everyone get so into hiking and fishing? Like almost every guy has a picture of them doing some outdoorsy and adventurous activity. I’m pretty lazy and these pictures don’t appeal to me at all. Do people purposely go hiking so they can get the perfect picture for OkCupid? When they see someone walking a cute dog on the street do they ask for a picture so they will be found attractive on Plenty of Fish? I don’t know…like my pictures are all selfies and one of my drinking with my friends. I don’t have any hiking pictures or pictures with dogs (though I do love them) yet people still seem to like me.

I found maybe 5 people I liked, but only went on one date. I felt so overexposed being on these apps and receiving an abundance of messages every day. In real life I never meet anyone new, online I was being exposed to hundreds of people and it was too hard to choose. I tried to be picky with what they looked like, how much of a percentage we were matched, and what their profiles say. At one point, I just gave up on reading the messages and scrolled through them just to get rid of the notification. It was too much.

I deleted Match, Down, OKCupid, Plenty of Fish, and Skout. I kept Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel. Tinder I just find fun and appropriate for my age. Coffee Meets Bagel only gives you a person a day to look at so I think it’s more realistic and solves the problem of being overexposed.

Overall, I give a thumbs down to online dating…for now.

12 thoughts on “I Deleted My Online Dating Apps

  1. I love this Post and totally agree ‘people use dating sites because they’re bored, because they’re too busy to meet someone in person, because they’ve run out of options’ adding perhaps lazy in a non nasty sense. The only truly memorable on line date I’ve had was with a WP blogger, we commented on each other’s WP as friends replying to each other’s thoughts, then met at a railway station platform, we had coffee in the waiting room hit it off then went for a picnic by the river on a lovely sunny day but alas no romance, as for all your reasons for stopping I think you are sadly right and I never bothered with Tinder………. men go on Tinder for sex and nothing more!

    😦 very sad actually, it’s no laughing matter lonely people wanting to find love and friendship.

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    1. It is really sad, I’ve gone on a couple dates from online apps and nothing has ever sparked. It’s just discouraging – I know some people have success from it but I’ve just given up all together. Everyone always says to just let it happen so that’s what I’m trying to do. Thanks for reading 🙂

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      1. The best advice I’ve been given is go to say your local ‘Meetup’ website and interact with people! Not easy when we’re busy as we all seem to be these days, but it’s how my parents met, lol at a dance Hall somewhere in Northern Britain!

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