I’m A Relationship Cynic

Some relationships fail. Some relationships succeed. But how are you supposed to know what the outcome will be?

There are too many variables when it comes to love. The timing, the emotions, the other players.

I just feel like I’ve seen more relationships fail than I’ve seen succeed. Therefore, I’m a relationship cynic.

We’re constantly reminded of how the divorce rate is steadily climbing. Millennials are berated for the way they date. And our society is just so caught up in the fact that you have to have a significant other. You have to get married. You have to have kids, retire, and die.

Every once in a while I see couples that I think are good together. They look in love, they seem happy, they are individuals but they compliment each other nicely. But I still see their flaws. I still see some dependence, the jealousy, fighting over things you shouldn’t even blink about. I still see them changing to fit into someone else.

And even more often I see couples that are so bad for each other. They fight constantly about things that are sometimes important, but are honestly things that can’t be changed with loud yelling and eye rolls. They put their lives on hold for the other. They settled because they didn’t want to be alone – whether they know it or not. It absolutely terrifies me to think that’s all there is to life. You need someone to get married to so you can have benefits and have a family. You need to do what society tells you to do. So grab the first person who is available and run to the altar. Because that’s all we have to live for.

I just have no faith in relationships. Every time I think I can get close to dating someone I bombard myself with the “what ifs.” And I really don’t think you should really dwell on the “what ifs” in life, but these seem like pretty important and life changing (possibly negatively) “what ifs.”

I would love it if someone would change my mind. I so hope that someone will erase those questions and doubts from my mind. I keep an open mind and I keep an open heart, but I consistently get let down. So I stay cynical.

12 thoughts on “I’m A Relationship Cynic

  1. I have had more failed relationships that days on the calendar. But, I am not cynical about them, or what-if’s, or bitter, or afraid falling in love. Maybe it’s the meds, but, I’ll take a ton of heartbreak for the moments it’s good.

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    1. wow I don’t know how you do it. After a relationship ends, all the good moments just seem sour to me. I just have a negative outlook – I wish I had as positive as an outlook you have!

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      1. It’s no so much positive. I go through the torture when things end. I think over time I’ve learn to appreciate what was. I mean, there is a reason you fall in love with a person. There was something you saw in them that lead you down a path to a relationship. I don’t think that is erased just because it ends.
        I do have a couple years on you. Give it time (always times).

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      2. I should mention after one bad break up I did admit myself to a psychiatric ward. So, ya know, consider the source when listening to people hahaha.

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  2. Reblogged this on MAKUPSY and commented:
    I couldn’t have said it better. Too many things hyprocrites live amongst us it makes it so hard to get yourself into a relationship because you don’t know it you are both getting in for the same genuine reasons.

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