The Sunshine Blogger Award! Part 2

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I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Thank you so much to Matt and His Cats for the nomination. I completed this award once before so you can check out the blogs I nominated here. I wanted to answer these questions anyway because I’m always so grateful to be nominated for an award – so thank you so much Matt!

  1. What is your go to beverage, either at a bar or cafe/ restaurant?

I’m literally always drinking Diet Coke.

2. Have you got a book/ book series you’ve read more than twice?

I’ve read Burned by Ellen Hopkins too many times to count.

3. What is your favourite holiday and why?

Halloween! Because it’s fun, spooky, and just a good time.

4. How long have you been blogging for?

A little over a year now.

5. What was your first home like/ If you haven’t moved out yet, what do you imagine your first home to be like?

In the future I imagine myself in a small apartment or house, nothing grand, but very quirky.

6. Are you a Cat or Dog person?


7. Would you rather be a Viking or Roman soldier?

Maybe a Roman soldier? Plus I’m already Italian so I’d fit in.

8. Would you rather be a Pilot or a Sailor?


9. Would you rather be a fox or a horse?

A horse, though I wouldn’t mind being a fox I’d just feel a little more defenseless.

10. What is your favourite Pokemon?

Snorlax 🙂

11. Would you experience the life of a millionaire for a year, if it meant living on minimum wage for ten years afterwards?

No, only because the difficulties of living on minimum wage would be too much for me to handle and being a millionaire doesn’t appeal to me that much.

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