Why I Share Cute Animal Videos On Facebook

On my personal Facebook page I often share videos of cute animals. Pugs and sloths make appearances frequently as well as any squeaky baby animal that catches my eye. Sometimes I upload pictures from what I did that weekend and sometimes I share a song I’m listening to.

I share all of these things, but I don’t share my political opinions.

It may come off as ignorance is bliss. A timeline filled with fluffy puppies and angsty songs while everyone else is sharing Donald Trump this, Paris that, Obama did this, and ISIS did that.

The truth is I am informed, but I’ll never be 100% informed. So to share my opinion just seems like an unfair bias because I don’t keep up daily with what is going on in politics.

Besides that, a majority of the political things shared on Facebook today are just false. I see so many people outraged over memes and quotes by people in power that are so ill researched and so wrong. No one bothers to double check their sources and I wouldn’t either – so I don’t post them at all.

If you’re not going to do your research in order to form an opinion, then don’t bother sharing anything at all.ย There are an abundance of crimes in the world and most of the time we are just getting a small snapshot of what is going on. That means without looking further into it, you basically know nothing about what you’re talking about.

I don’t know anything either! That’s why when I see a cute animal video that makes me laugh I share it on Facebook, I don’t need to do research on whether or not this is actually a koala giggling because it doesn’t really matter. I’ll keep as informed as possible, but I’m not going to be sharing my political opinion on social media.ย We all make mistakes, but for your sake and mine – be suspicious of what you’re posting.

And I’ll continue to refrain from telling everyone in the comments section how stupid they look when they share something 100% false while mindlessly believing it’s true.

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