Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

I’m a notorious complainer. I’m never happy with what I have and I always have something negative to say. So basically, I’m super annoying and I know it. But it’s something I’m working on.

Complaining about a problem doesn’t make the problem go away. It only spotlights it and makes it a bigger part of your life. Whining and bitching solves nothing. It only furthers your anxiety.

We tend to make our mistakes the focal point of our lives. The good is easily forgotten when the bad becomes an overwhelming shadow. Did you know better? Maybe. Could you have avoided that sticky situation? Probably.

But you didn’t and there’s not much more you can do about it now. Apologize to the people you hurt, do what you can to make it better, but mostly apologize to yourself for putting your life on pause just because of one dark part of your overall bright and shiny life.

You’ve made a mess of your life, but it’s something that will pass. Your life won’t be a mess forever, clean yourself up and do something about it.

You are so much more than your mistakes. We put ourselves into bad situations because we get blinded by love, by hate, by greed and wants. But you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself. You need to stop tweeting about how much you suck and texting your friends about how shitty of a person you are.

Because you’re not and you can be so much more if you only stop and realize the good will outweigh the bad if you let it.

6 thoughts on “Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

  1. Wonderful advice! I don’t talk a lot about bad things but I notice that I put more focus on things that disappoint me instead of thinking about all of the good that can be had! xo

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