16 People You Should Ditch In 2016

1. The boy that never texts you back.

He’s not interested and he sucks.

2. The friend that only comes around when it’s convenient for them.

They didn’t show up to your birthday because of a hair appointment, but they’ll come to a party if it means free food.

3. TheΒ ex that still pops up every once in a while.

“We haven’t spoken in months and ended on bad terms, but how are you doing???”

4. The friend who hooked up with your ex.

Even if it was an “accident”, they probably haven’t done anything redeemable since.

5. The boy you’re just not interested in.

You don’t want to be mean, but he continues to text you even though you’ve made it obvious you’re not into it.

6. The Facebook friend with too many political opinions.


7. The “fitspiration” Instagram account that makes you feel fat.

You look fine, they just stay skinny for a living.

8. The Twitter follower that over dramatically shares too much information.

Do you want personal privacy or anything???

9. The high school friend who just isn’t a friend anymore.

You grew apart, face it.

10. The ex coworker that talks a lot of trash.

You don’t work with them anymore, they’re probably not needed.

11. The boy you went on a date with that one time.

There’s no reason to be Facebook friends, you just didn’t click.

12. The college friend who didn’t keep in touch.

They’re clearly too busy to care.

13. The really ambitious acquaintance that makes you feel bad.

It’s okay if you’re not traveling the world right now, but you don’t constantly need that reminder.

14. The acquaintance that is always asking for favors.

Can you donate to this gofundme? Can you like this page? Like I barely know you????

15. The boy that only comes around when it’s convenient.

“Hey I feel sucky about myself so I wanted to remind you that I exist and you still love me.”

16. Your negative self.

Any part of you that is old and dark and needs to change. Let it go and enjoy your new year and self.

photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/joestpierre/

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