I Don’t Blog About You

My blog has become a huge part of my life. Hookup Culture has offered me a place to vent, write, and express myself. It’s given me a chance to build something from the bottom. And I’ve created a great foundation. I have amazing followers and commenters and supporters. People that motivate me.

I often get asked by boys I’ve dated if I blog about them. They ask which posts are about them and they joke that I’m going to go home and blog about it.

But I don’t blog about you.

Even if you’re the one who cheated on me, even if you’re the one who turned our relationship to shit, even if you’re the one who made out with my best friend. There are no posts about you. Even if I included screenshots of your texts and even if I gave a detailed account of a situation that happened between the two of us. I don’t blog about you.

I blog about me.

These are my problems, my relationships, and my words. They have absolutely nothing to do with you. They’re not for you or because of you. I write for me and I write for people to relate to me. To help other people who feel the same way but don’t really know how to say it, handle it, or get over it.

It’s my journey and I want to help people on a similar journey. So when you ask me if I blog about you, I’m going to say no. Because you’re probably just one of many who inspired a blog post. You’re not real to me and you don’t matter. You’re just words that express my emotions, you might as well be Chuck Bass or Four or any other fictional character I’ve fallen in love with over the years.

The struggles you cause and the pain you inflict has nothing to do with you. The people you hurt don’t owe you anything and you certainly don’t deserve to get written about. It’s not about you – it’s about me and it’s about the people who deserve better than you.

36 thoughts on “I Don’t Blog About You

  1. Well said. Go you. This is a great start to the new year – keep going. You are strong and you have something to say that you need to say and others need to hear. Looking forward to more positive posts like this. Well done and happy new year πŸ™‚

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  2. I’m in the complete same boat here (actually found you blog through my comment feed and I fell in love with this post). Someone once found my blog and thought I was using it to manipulate them…even though I’d had it for the past four years! I write to sort out my thoughts and to understand myself a little better. Thanks for writing this post!

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  3. Reblogged this on A Momma's View and commented:
    A good point indeed. Some of us blog “for others” but some of us blog purely to get things off their chest. I find that we need to stop trying to push everyone in the niche we want them to be or we are most comfortable in. It’s not only about us. It’s about everyone. Like with so many other things in this world.

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  4. Love this!!! It’s great that you write about you. Maybe they ask all those questions because they feel so bad on how they treated you. Oh well. Their loss not yours! Keep on blogging away!

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  5. That’s so funny that they think you blog about them. It is almost like they discount your experience in the relationship. Good for you on not blogging about them. They apparently are too concerned with that aspect than with what is in front of them.

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