8 Thoughts Of Someone Who Is Always Sick

1.You forget what it’s like to be normal

Sick is normal, right?

2. You’ve basically become BFF’s with the doctor’s office.

Stick a needle in my arm and cure me, doc.

3. When you call your mom to tell her you’re sick, she doesn’t really care

“Again???? What do you want me to do about it???”

4. You cancel on plans constantly

My friends probably think I’m just using “I’m sick” as an excuse.

5. You’re constantly questioning if you’re sick or tired.

Is this a cold? Or allergies? Or am I tired? Or drunk?

6. When you do figure out you’re getting sick, you take drastic measures to stop it in it’s tracks.

*lays in bed for 20 hours, chugs orange juice, gargles salt water*

7. You begin to question if you’re actually dying.

WebMD says my cold symptoms could be because of cancer!!!

8. You get better….but not for long.

You barely recognize a time where you feel normal because you’ll probably be sick again soon.

photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lilymonster/

13 thoughts on “8 Thoughts Of Someone Who Is Always Sick

  1. After years spent more in the hospital than out of it, I get this. The cancelling plans one and the drastic measure one especially. My friends know what I’ve been through, know how susceptible I am to getting really sick in the future, and yet some still have a hard time accepting when I need to cancel plans in order to prevent a small sickness from getting big. And the last time I felt something coming on and decided to ignore it was December and led to 5 days in the hospital with pneumonia.

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    1. For the past 6 months I was getting consistently sick and was in and out of doctors trying to figure it out, I still think my friends are skeptical of whether I’m actually or sick or not when I cancel plans but maybe I’m just paranoid haha I don’t want to be the girl who cries wolf and assume every little thing is me getting sick again, but like you said when you ignore it the consequences can be bad! Hope you feel better!

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