How To Reject Someone

Rejection is never fun for anyone (at least, it shouldn’t be). You’re telling someone they aren’t good enough or you’re being told that you’re unlikeable. It’s hard to take it the right way and it’s hard to do it the right way, so here’s some tips just in case you find yourself in the aftermath of a date where there is just no connection!


1.Put it off

As soon as you aren’t feeling it, say something. The longer you wait, the harder it gets.

2. Avoid

Don’t just keep telling them you’re busy every time they ask you to hang out, they’re just going to keep asking.

3. Lie

Don’t bother saying that your grandma is sick or you’re moving, you’ll probably get caught in your own lie soon enough.

4. Fake interest

Don’t end the date like you just had the best time ever, avoid the first day kiss and give a disinterested wave.

5. Try to be friends

If they aren’t dating material, they probably aren’t friends material.

6. Take back your rejection

Even if they text you again and again and beg you for another chance, it would just be weird.


1.Send them a well thought out text

This is especially true if it’s someone you barely know, there is no reason to break the news in person and get stuck in awkward emotions.

2.Be honest

If you just didn’t feel a connection, say that. If you think you’re too busy right now and you’re just not interested, say that.

3. Ignore them if they persist.

When you send them the honest and nice text about how you’re just not interested, ignore them if they keep texting you about the why’s and how’s and what if’s.

4. Stick to your intuition.

If you had a bad time on the date or just didn’t like them, stay honest with yourself. Even if they try to talk you out of it or you get lonely, do stick with your gut.

26 thoughts on “How To Reject Someone

  1. It’s sure not easy. Just imagine if one is been rejected.. Sucks. But fact is, its way better than leading a person on. I do all the dos and donts, but the donts(No 1). Some people just never take one serious no matter how many times its repeated. Sighs

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    1. It’s hard not to put it off because you don’t want to hurt someone so you put it off and put it off but it really is the worst thing you can do. It is better to just get it over with!

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  2. I think the issue with rejection is when something falls in the gray area…when you don’t hate them, but just don’t like them ENOUGH. That’s when it’s hard because you just don’t really have a great reason other than gut instinct.

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