I Hate Texting

It’s no secret that everyone is glued to their phones. Some people love to bash the way we use technology. They get aggravated over cell phone use at dinner and kids always taking selfies. But really, it’s no different than when we used to plop ourselves down in front of the tv or spend 45 minutes setting up a camera to film something.

I love technology, I love social media, I love taking pictures and videos, I find phone calls uncomfortable, but I hate texting.

I got my cell phone a little bit later in life than most people. Most of my friends had them by 7th or 8th grade, where as I didn’t get mine until halfway through my freshman year of high school. I was attached to the thing 24/7 (unless I was grounded and it was taken away which happened often).

During my first real relationship, we were in contact all day, every day. From the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed, we would text, call, and video chat with each other. It was my norm. When that relationship ended, I badly ached for someone to talk to every day like that. It was what I was used to.

So when I started dating other boys, they were kind of like a place holder. Someone to text all day so I didn’t feel all alone.

But then I grew up. And I grew more independent.

I can’t stand the thought of texting someone every hour of the day. A mediocre conversation of asking me what’s up, “nothing, I’m at work – how about you?” And then so what’s up now? “I’m still at work…”

Maybe if we all weren’t so ingrained into each other’s lives, relationships would last longer and there would be less drama. Save a little mystery and don’t tell your boyfriend you went to the grocery store to buy a bag of chips. Or talk about the fact that you walked to class and it was cold out today when you see each other in person.

I don’t want to feel obligated to tell someone everything I’m doing because most things are my business only, even if I am in a relationship. Texting sucks all of the life out of relationships. It just takes too damn long to tell stories that you could tell in person or over the phone. Where the other person can react and laugh along.

I don’t want to have to guess at your emotions and think about if you’re mad at me because you put a “.” at the end of your sentence. Everything gets so misconstrued and I’m just tired of explaining my day to someone by taking the time to type it all out with emojis and exclamation points.

I think texting every once in a while is great, but I don’t need the constant communication.

57 thoughts on “I Hate Texting

  1. How I feel about texting mostly depends on the other person keeping to their pattern. If you’re an every day text-er, stay that way; if you’re not, don’t start. I believe sticking to a pattern is important because you’ve taught someone to expect a particular behavior. Deviation just leads to the “what’s going on?” and “are you mad?” thoughts.

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    1. ugh it’s so complicated though because I’m not an every day texter but some people will text me every day so I feel obligated to answer hahah and it always gets confusing


  2. “I don’t want to have to guess at your emotions and think about if you’re mad at me because you put a β€œ.” at the end of your sentence. Everything gets so misconstrued and I’m just tired of explaining my day to someone by taking the time to type it all out with emojis and exclamation points.”

    This right here is the truth.com! lol I don’t know if it’s because I am more so used to being alone but I think I am happier if I don’t contact someone every single day unless the conversations are always stimulating, even then, I need a break. The typical, “Hey, how was your day?” type of convo gets boring very quickly for me. Monotony was never my strong suit and in a relationship, I don’t think it’ll ever be.

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    1. Hahah thank you! I am literally exactly the same. I can’t stand monotony and I really need alone time to function, which I can’t get if someone is texting me every day about how work was lol


    1. I can totally relate to that haha I am pretty introverted myself so the face to face contact is difficult. But the introvert in me also needs alone time and constant texting gets in the way of that.

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  3. I didn’t get my first real phone until about 3-4 years ago. I don’t have a problem texting as long as it is with another clever person that can keep up with the sarcasm and wit, but if they are dull like you said, not worth it.

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  4. I think texting and social media have changed the face of relationships for the worst. When it comes to texting, we’ve become accessible which leads not only to too many texts at times, but becoming too calculated in how we communicate in the dating world.

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    1. I totally agree, everyone’s more worried about what they sound like over text rather than what kind of conversation will happen in person. Texting and social media is just really invasive especially when it comes to relationships.


  5. you’ve written down a lot of what I am always struggling to explain to people. people I love and care about and even enjoy receiving messages from, I won’t respond to right away because I just don’t want to at that very moment. I can never figure out a way to explain it that doesn’t sound horrendously selfish. I will reply! but if I reply right away and then you reply right away… what is this? do we ever get a moment of solitude?

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  6. I LOATHE texting. I got an earful because apparently, you are suppose to return someone text in a certain amount of time, if not you are rude and inconsiderate, like WTF if it was so important you would have called and said it. Every rime I see someone run into a wall or something because their face is in the screen, I say good, stupid mofo. and PLEASE DON”T TEXT AND DRIVE.

    sorry for rant, it is a touchy subject with me.

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    1. hahah it is touchy with me too! I take hours to reply, because you’re right – if it’s so important then give me a call because I’m not checking my phone all the time. And I’m definitely not checking it while I’m driving – that’s what bluetooth is for πŸ™‚


      1. I have no idea what is the rush with these text. You sent a happy face with what’s up. How is that pressing for a reply. AND you no whats bad, my mother has gotten caught up in the text craze. I may go on an anit-text campaign.

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      2. hahah I’ve informed all of my friends that I hate texting so we do it less often now which is great. I’m in a group chat with my whole family which gets pretty annoying lol we definitely need to take an anti-texting stance πŸ™‚


  7. When I got a new phone, I couldn’t be bothered to transfer the numbers over so I only put them in if they rang me. I have my mum, Dad, two sisters and three friends, plus my partner. And I use it more for playing games on than for doing anything, it made me realise how little I used it

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      1. Yes if anything I would like to speak in person rather than text or call someone I care about. If it’s a stranger or someone I don’t really like then I’d rather text them haha

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  8. I absolutely agree to what you wrote. It’s like when you meet them after a long time..you just don’t have anything to talk about which is sad and my god..the emojis! And I too have been at the same place where I constantly needed someone to talk to. Someone to comfort me when I felt alone. But as days passed I realised it was nothing but a bad addiction and there are so many other stuff which can help me feel less lonely. I am happy you grew independent 😊

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  9. I seriously hate this culture of expectation of mundane texting in a relationship. I have a friend who is “in a relationship” with a guy she’s seen three times in four months, with two phone calls in between. When I suggested that maybe they should spend some more time together before going exclusive, she said “well we text each other all day long. What we’re eating, what we’re thinking…” I can attest to this because when I’m with her in person, she’s constantly on that damn phone. I just don’t feel like that’s a true relationship. But hey, I’m single…so who knows???

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