10 Things Tired People Understand

1. Your bed is the love of your life.

Seriously, I’m unsure that I’ll ever love a human being as much as I love my bed and heated blanket.

2. “Sorry, I was napping” is the number one excuse.

Why didn’t I text you back? I was obviously asleep…

3. Early risers are just plain annoying.

No, I don’t want to get breakfast with you – I’ll be asleep.

4. Leaving the party early just to sleep is the norm.

Where am I going? Uhhh I have other plans… with my bed.

5. Life without caffeine is no life at all.

I’m basically a zombie until I have a diet coke with lunch.

6. If you’re already in bed, you’re not going out.

Like I will cancel on you because I’m wrapped up in my bed like a burrito and I’m not really sorry about it.

7. A “nap” is really just a second bed time.

Why can’t I sleep for 5 hours during the day? Who made these rules?

8. You get jealous of your pets

I seriously walk past my dog snoozing every morning and say a little prayer that I will one day be a dog.

9. You go to bed tired and wake up tired.

Always tired. No matter what.

10. You are always just a different level of tired.

There’s an ‘I can probably go out and party’ tired, an ‘I’m getting really annoyed’ tired, a ‘don’t talk to me I will kill you’ tired, or there’s just a ‘zero chance of functioning’ tired.

photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/seniju/

37 thoughts on “10 Things Tired People Understand

  1. I identify with every point of this post! I swear napping is my favorite thing to do. I nap on my work breaks, I nap before seeing friends, I nap when I haven’t even done anything all day. My friends worry about how tired I am and it’s really hard to explain to them that I just like sleeping. It’s like a hobby of mine lol

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      1. Me too! It’s one of the reasons I don’t mind work because I’m forced to get up early, but during the weekend if I don’t sleep until at least noon then I’ll probably be napping later


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