DON’T Hate on Valentine’s Day

It’s easy to get into a funk around Valentine’s Day when you’re single.  Everyone else is getting presents, love, awesome dinners. And if you’re lucky, your mom sent you a care package with a gift card and candy (which is still pretty clutch) but you’re still really single.

Really, it’s just a day that’s going to suck.  But, if you follow these don’ts you’ll have the best single gal/guy Valentine’s Day there could possibly be!

DON’T make people in a relationship feel bad just because you’re single. Eventually, you’ll find someone who will make you as happy as they are and you don’t want anyone to bring you down just for being love on February 14th.

DON’T get black-out wasted and cry.  By all means, if you want to get super drunk then do it.  But, do it with people who love you and are there to build you up rather than break you down. Dance, buy drinks, smile, and be happy on Valentine’s Day!

DON’T binge eat.  Once again, treat yo self! If you want to order a pizza or go to a fancy meal – then do it!  Avoid ordering everything on the Domino’s menu, eating it all, then regretting how full/fat you feel and ultimately how much money you just spent on food you really didn’t want or need.

DON’T forget to love yourself!  Just because you don’t have a significant other, doesn’t mean you can’t love yourself.  Do something that makes you realize how good you feel about yourself. Go shopping, go to the gym, get your nails or hair done, kick back and watch your favorite movie.  Loving yourself in general is the most important aspect to having someone love you.

DON’T get upset that you don’t get presents.  Instead, give presents! Buy some goodies or flowers for your closest friends.  They’ll appreciate it, single or not!  It will make you feel good to make other people happy and ultimately, it will make you happy.

DO enjoy your Valentine’s Day – alone or with someone – it’s just a day to realize how loved you really are! 🙂

19 thoughts on “DON’T Hate on Valentine’s Day

  1. Love this post! It’s easy to get into a funk around Valentines Day when you’re immersed in ads showing happy couples exchanging gifts, and talking about making plans only to realize almost everyone you know is in a relationship. I usually do my best to ignore the day but perhaps this year I’ll learn to embrace the love in my life 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I always feel a little bit sad about it when I’m single, but I still try to enjoy it and appreciate all the people who do love me. You should definitely try embracing it 🙂

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  2. What a great post. I’ve been happily married for a long time but we don’t exchange gifts anymore, it’s way too commercial. We tell each other every day how we feel about each other. That’s what counts. And if you’re single then you should celebrate and love yourself. That’s where it starts 🙂

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I totally agree you need to love yourself first! I wish we all told our loved ones how we felt everyday or even remembered to love ourselves everyday but at least Valentine’s Day is a good reminder 🙂

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  3. Old guy from the UK: Me and ‘the missus’ never have bothered about it; married in 1973 and we’re still sloppy about each other. The trouble with all the holidays being that those who want to make money out of it force the rest of us into thinking that ‘We must…..’ (whatever they want to sell) (UK retailers must be driving themselves mad trying to find a way to ‘import’ Thanksgiving to the UK).
    Anyway you certainly have the right approach to Valentine’s Day; I do hope you have a good day.

    Best wishes

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