Buying Cruelty Free: Physician’s Formula

So I recently came across a list of cruelty free make up brands. My brand of make up, Neutrogena, was not on it. I decided to do some more research on it because I had been using this make up for like almost ten years and couldn’t believe that in 2015 they were still testing on animals. Well, they are. One of their branches is moving away from testing on animals, but they are basically not a cruelty free company.

While doing more research, I found that most drug store make up brands are not cruelty free. I’m not super obsessed with make up, but I like what I like and what can get the job done. Leaping Bunny has a great list of resources of make up brands that do not test on animals, but there are certainly brands that are not on this list that are cruelty free.

I chose to try out Physician’s Formula that lists here that they do not test on animals. I bought Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Airbrushing Pressed Powder SPF 30, which I LOVE. Definitely one of the best powders I’ve ever used. It has great coverage and does not look too dusty on your face. It applies well with a powder brush.

I also bought Youthful Wear Spotless Foundation SPF 15.  This foundation comes in with a cool dropper to control how much you are using. It does come with a brush, but I chose to use a make up sponge because I just think they work better. At first touch, this foundation seems oily but it doesn’t make my face oily. The coverage is not 100%, if you’re looking to hide really dark spots or blemishes this won’t do the trick by itself. That being said, if anyone knows of any good, cheap-ish, and cruelty free concealer (doesn’t have to be Physician’s Formula!) please let me know 🙂

Overall, I’d recommend these Physician’s Formula products! I’d love to hear from anyone else’s experience with cruelty free make up 🙂

12 thoughts on “Buying Cruelty Free: Physician’s Formula

      1. wow I love this website! Looks like these products scored moderately and so did my old Neutrogena products – but Physician’s Formula being cruelty free is a huge plus for me. I’ll definitely be referring to this database more often I would love to be able to find a low hazard make up product


      1. Me too! So many things are altered by chemicals. We were so eager to jump on the chemical fast train in the 1950s without knowing the consequences, and it will probably take much longer to catalog how these things have changed our lives.

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