10 Relatable Things For People On A Diet

  1. You’re sick of hearing it’s a “lifestyle change”

I cannot give up bread for the rest of my life I’m sorry

  1. You only strictly diet when you have to look skinny for something

Maybe if I go to the gym three days in a row I’ll have a six pick for spring break

  1. You can’t give up alcohol

I just…..can’t

  1. Giving into cravings

Eating just a scoop of ice cream can’t be that bad… Maybe I’ll have two scoops…

  1. Counting calories has you questioning everything you learned in math/ science

Wtf is the difference between an ounce and a gram?? How many almonds is it?!?

  1. When people eat unhealthy and delicious food in front of you

Must resist the temptationnnn

  1. When you’re not seeing any results

Maybe I should just go back to eating a snickers every day

  1. Mindlessly eating during your favorite tv shows then remembering you’re on a diet


  1. Trying to busy yourself so you don’t eat anymore

I reorganized my sock drawer like six times today already but a seventh couldn’t hurt

  1. Actually seeing results

And realizing maybe it is a lifestyle change….

photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/allkindsofnew/

50 thoughts on “10 Relatable Things For People On A Diet

      1. I always tell myself it’s a lifestyle change because diet just makes me want to read ice cream and chocolate by the shovel full just because I’m not supposed to… Siii it was even more funny that you mention the lifestyle vs diet association πŸ™‚


  1. Re: 3.

    No lie, my mother managed to quit smoking and almost completely quit drinking for five years, starting when she was pregnant with me and ending almost exactly when my youngest sister was weaned. The addiction had to be gone by then, but she just couldn’t quit completely. Humans are creatures of habit and leisure, after all.


      1. True! Ever wonder why the most popular Paleo recipes are cakes and the most popular vegan recipes involve fake meats and added salts? Wonder no more. πŸ˜›

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  2. I’ve never really dieted, but as long as it’s healthy I don’t mind if people do, although it’s difficult to draw the line. Loosing a little tub to feel more healthy and confident is great, espicially if your weight makes you unhappy, but everything in moderation. Sort of went off on one there, anyway great post and I can’t wait to read more of your blog! xx

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  3. Lol This is hilarious. I can especially relate to “Maybe if I go to the gym three days in a row I’ll have a six pack for spring break” I really have these thoughts and I know they are so untrue but they feel good in the moment. I just want my Janet Jackson abs. That’s all. I’m not asking for much Universe! lol

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    1. Whenever I have somewhere to be where I need to make an impression I start dieting and hitting the gym hardcore like that week as if it’ll do anything lol like why can’t I eat donuts and walk on the treadmill and be fit?? The universe is not on our side

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      1. I don’t understand it either. Why can’t miracles happen!? You’re right; the Universe just does not to want to work with us. lol

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  4. enjoyed reading this… I always seem to do good at the beginning of diets and then fall off the wagon… 😦

    So now I eat how I want and workout when I can.. haha This is my “staying where I am at diet” πŸ™‚

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  5. I don’t really diet. I love food and wine too much. All I do is try to maintain a 365 workout routine, it sucks at times, but it is the price I pay to eat and drink. When all hells fail do that juicing cleansing anti oxidant stuff. You frequent the bathroom a lot but that’s just pounds flushing away.

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  6. Great post Rosie. Diet is a dirty four letter word that I don’t resonate with, at all. I love my food and wine way too much. Prefer to just work it all off with a good hour of hard and fast zumba. πŸ™‚

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  7. Old UK guy here: Dieting? Bah! Humbug! (falls off soapbox)….Gets up but sits as my dear wife has taken my soapbox away, I accept a large cup of tea; still grumbles about the principals of dieting and how it is all a scam by companies to make money- My wife says ‘Yes dear’

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