Give It 100% Or Don’t Give It Anything At All

I am passionate about a couple of things. I am dedicated to a couple of friends. I am confident in my immediate family. I give them all 100%.

I don’t give everything 100%. But the things I care about – I really care about. I give it my all, I don’t back down, I go full force.

The things I kind of care about might as well be nothing at all. They are easily disposable. In most instances, they are things that in no way add positively to my life and are just kind of dead weight. Like relationships that are going nowhere, friends that cause drama, hobbies that just don’t teach me anything.

You really need to look carefully at the things you care about. Make a list of the things that are important to you. Your job should be one of them. I know it’s hard to find a job you really love, but I’m urging you to find it. Because if you’re working somewhere lukewarm and only giving it half your effort – why are you doing it at all?

Your friends, family, and relationships should be important to you, too. Only to those people who motivate you, teach you, encourage you, pick you up and keep you there. The people who are trying their best to give you 100%. If you have relationships where you’re giving your all and getting nothing in return – why are you doing it at all?

I’m not saying that you need to go at everything in your life at full force. Of course there are things that are mediocre and don’t require all of your efforts. Like your knitting club or maybe even your no-dessert diet. But anything you consider important and as something you care about, you need to give it your all.

Be the person who can be described as passionate. Be the person who moves forward. Be the person you want to be and be the person you’d want to be there for you. Give it your all, do it 100%.

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