You Can Afford To Take A Vacation

We’re busy people. We work, we have friends, we have families, some of us have kids, some of us have pets. Some of us go to school, some have more than one job, some are just busy.

It’s hard to find time for a vacation and it’s hard to find money for vacation. Some jobs offer paid time off, some of us aren’t that lucky. We live pay check to pay check or save up only to realize we need new tires or our roof is leaking.

But I’m telling you, you need to take a vacation. And you can!

A vacation, to me, is just a break from your daily life. You need to determine what kind of break you can work with and you need to do its

You could go away, hop on a plane and go to a beach and relax. Get in the car and go camping in the mountains and hike to the prettiest sights. Board a boat and explore new cultures. Semi-expensive trips that require time and money. If you have both the time and the money, stop ignoring it. Don’t save those vacation days or that money in case of an emergency. Take a risk, take a break, you deserve it.

Do you have even less time and money than those kind of trips would allow? Try a stay-cation. Don’t go too far, go to a local town with a cute Main Street and maybe some free outdoor activities. Book a semi cheap hotel room for the night. Jump on the bed, enjoy the service, sleep in the next day. You can do this for a weekend or a night and you can do it inexpensively. It’s not lame – it’s fun! And worth it.

If you just have no time and no money – take a nap! Take a bath! Take a break from your daily stresses because really that’s all a vacation is. Do something for you that makes you happy. Take an hour to reflect and breathe. To have fun and catch up on relaxing.

I don’t know you, but I know you deserve a vacation. Even if you don’t have a lot going on externally, you probably have a lot going on internally. And you need a break. Evaluate your funds, evaluate your time, and spring for fun and relaxation. You can make it work and you can afford to take a vacation.

24 thoughts on “You Can Afford To Take A Vacation

  1. Love, this article. I’m trying to decide where to go this summer. We’re hoping the Canadian dollar gets a bit closer to the US dollar ( it’s about 1.23 Canadian = to $1.00 US). So, if it gets to about $1.15 it’s great cause we can go somewhere in the states then. Canada is a very lovely country too and I’m considering Quebec City or Montreal. Also, I recommend Spa days as small vacations. You can often find Groupons to help out with this, such as a facial and massage for $60.00 etc. I like your suggestion about staying in a decent hotel for a night or two. My fav hotel is to stay in the McDonald or Raddison Hotel where I live, very soft good quality beds to sleep and veg šŸ™‚

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      1. Yeah, I agree Groupon has awesome deals! I have been twice, you will love Montreal! Great food everywhere, great shopping, old Montreal is very cool. And I recommend going on a boat tour on the St. Lawrence. My bro and I went on one and we got free wine or beer on the boat as we went. I like art too and Musee des beaux arts always has cool exhibits. In old Montreal, their is a great restaurant for Poutine. And I think you will enjoy going down St. Catherine’s street for shopping. At the end is a department store for women’s and men’s clothing. It’s trendy and had great dresses etc at good prices and reasonable quality, also some very pricey stuff if you’re into that. Also, a cheaper way to go is to use AirBnB, my bro and I had our own 2 Bedroom apartment, for about $80.00/day between the two of us. Hope that helps šŸ™‚

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