You’re The Only One Who Can Make You Happy

At one point in our lives, we all experience sadness. Sometimes we know why, the reason is obvious. Someone died, we lost our jobs, everything is going to hell piece by piece. Sometimes we don’t know why, we’re just sad. When we do know and when we don’t, it’s hard to get out of that sadness. It’s really difficult to climb out of that hole.

We can’t find the answers in ourselves so we look for them in other people. We reach out for helping hands, but often times we put way too much weight on them. We take all of the weight off ourselves and lose sense of who we are. All we can remember is the sadness inside, so we look for happiness in other people.

Yeah, other people can help you. Friends can motivate you, family can support you, a relationship can take some of the pressure off your back. But you are the only person who can make you truly happy.

It’s natural to want to push some of the worries onto someone else. But when you’re alone again, you’re going to end up right back where you started. You are in charge of your own happiness, no one else.

So don’t blame your friends. Don’t lean on your boyfriend for everything. Don’t yell at your family. Appreciate their help and help yourself. Step by step, you can bring yourself to a happier place. It can be a slow process. It can take months and it can take years. And it’s painful and hard, but that’s why you have people to support you while you find your own happiness. They’ll help you get to the point where you can recover from the sadness all on your own.

You can do it. Look inside yourself and you’ll see what you need to change, what’s missing, and what you need to add to get back on track. You will be happier when you get to the top of the mountain and realize you’re happy and you did it all on your own.

32 thoughts on “You’re The Only One Who Can Make You Happy

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    I guarantee you that as soon as you take charge of your own life, you will be happier. Even as things fall to shit – because they do from time to time – the sky will still be blue, you will still love the taste of _____, you will still love your bed, you will still have your favorite song, those things will still belong to you. You are the captain of your ship.
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  2. Great post. I found that some people don’t quite understand how to play the supporter or listener role – they tend to offer advice when in reality one might not be need of that advise, or could have already tried that out….the supporter could quickly become an antagonist without realising it, or the the needs of the person they attempted to support. The right form of support is positive, good, and effective. It doesn’t leave one feeling as if they needed to defend something. As you say it is ‘you’ who can solve your problems, people’s support can facilitate that path.

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  3. It is true that we have to take charge of our happiness. We can’t expect it to get from ourselves but through ourselves.

    We need to find our own happiness like you said.

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  4. Hi Rosie! Another great article. You are good at giving advice, very glad I came across your blog. I would agree with you, you have to create your own happiness within and it radiates out. You attract what you give out. Also, not sure if you are religious or not but my faith in God makes me happy because when it feels as if everything is on my shoulders I can place my cares in God’s hands. Thanks

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