10 Great Things That Came From Being Dumped

1. The friendships I made

My relationship was so consuming it was completely holding me back from forming complete and amazing friendships.

2. Learning how to recover from a life changing event

It’s not easy and it wasn’t pretty, but I am a stronger person because of it and I know the next life changing event will be a little easier because of it.

3. Reconnecting with my family

Once again, my relationship was so time consuming that the time I spent with my family was also usually spent with my boyfriend.

4. The opportunity to be wild and free

I had the excuse of just being dumped to go crazy and do what I want to get it all out of my system and get me to the point of being level headed and happy.

5. Growing my career

My career path was always confusing and stifled when I was in a relationship because I was going to have to be where he was and do something with hours to accomadate him.

6. Growing my hobbies

I basically didn’t have hobbies in my relationships that didn’t include my boyfriend. I’ve learned new things and started this blog which is amazing in itself.

7. Realizing what is and is not healthy

Suffocating relationships are not healthy. Weekly pizza dates are not healthy. Skipping the gym because your boyfriend says you look fine is not healthy. I am an overall more fit and healthy person now.

8. The mini relationships I had since the big break up

Sure, most of them didn’t end so well. But I’ve had the chance to meet amazing people, form great bonds, and learn more about what I need from a partner.

9. Saving money

Like you would not believe how much money I have to spend on myself, to treat my friends, and spoil my family with ever since I became single.

10. Finding who I am

My relationships blinded me and I couldn’t separate myself from them. I am healthy, happy, strong, and able now. I never could have said that before.

So thank you.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 11.03.06 AM
photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lionelrieder/


24 thoughts on “10 Great Things That Came From Being Dumped

  1. Believe it or not, every single thing you mentioned applies to me! 😀 I would have eventually have written a post just like this (and I’ll still writeone down the line), but now that you’ve already written it and it’s so awesome, it’s time to share! 😊 It sucks to be dumped and sometimes seeing even one thing from our perspective that makes us feel better is so worth it.

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      1. It’s good I read this post today! Not soon after, it served as a reminder 🙂
        It does get very tiring and sometimes a headache to keep self pity and tears at bay. There is always a silver lining, we just blind ourselves to that sometimes… but it’s good to know it’s there… I don’t know what I’d write, but not just yet… still struggling :’)

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