Know What You Want? Enforce Your Boundaries.

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Sublunar Reflections

I’m in my early twenties, so dating and relationships are things that my girlfriends and I spend a fair amount of time talking about. Even in just a casual “how are you” text the well-being of someone’s relationship inevitably comes up because like it or not dating is a big part of who we are right now. Nearly everyone I know is trying to settle down in some way and sharing that experience with friends is as routine as asking about their job; it’s part of the news of their day.

Lately though I seem to hear more about anecdotes than I do about feelings. My friends will tell stories about their dates in a way that almost sounds like they’re building it up to be something that it wasn’t. And when I ask them how they felt about the guy (or girl), their response tends to come with a…

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3 thoughts on “Know What You Want? Enforce Your Boundaries.

      1. That’s true…and kind of lets you off the hook, as it were. Any time somebody asks me for advice, I preface it with “do you want the truth or do you want me to tell you what you want to hear?”
        They always ask for the truth but I find few actually want to hear it.

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