5 Frustrations Of Finally Moving Out Of Your Parents House

1. The packing 
Up until now, you’ve thrown your stuff in boxes and plopped them in your college apartment hoping no that they would unpack themselves. You also never noticed how much stuff you’ve accumulated along the way….where did all this come from?!

2. Realizing you don’t have half the stuff you need to live on your own

Basic things like a travel coffee mug and salt and pepper won’t magically appear in your cabinets, you actually have to buy them…

3. All the stuff you didn’t realize you weren’t paying for at home

Forget about rent, you have to buy your own food, clothes, medications, instance, and more now!! Who knew being an adult would be so expensive?

4. Leaving behind your family pet

I ask my mom every day if I can take my dog with me when I move out. We all know I can’t afford to get a dog on my own right now.

5. Saying goodbye to your comfort zone

Your family home is a safety net. Sure, you graduated college and are technically an adult now. But you always had good ol mom and dad to come home to and they would offer to solve all your problems. They’ll always be there for you – but you have to cook your own dinners after work now. Ugh.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.28.26 PM
photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/hyekab25/

23 thoughts on “5 Frustrations Of Finally Moving Out Of Your Parents House

  1. I didn’t move out until I got married, but my wife an I soon realized we didn’t have the stuff we needed. We were drinking out of crystal that we received for our wedding because we didn’t have day-to-day glasses. Then we resorted to putting Solo cups in the dishwasher.

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