How To: Staycation

If you’re lucky to get some time off, you might want to take a vacation. If you’re not lucky enough to have a whole ton of money, a staycation would be great!

1. You can choose to either: stay home or book a hotel.

If you have a little extra cash you can book a cheaper hotel in your town and enjoy the pool, gym, and comfy beds! If not, your home will work just fine too.

2. If you’re staying home, spend a little on relaxing necessities.

Buy a bath bomb, a dinner you wouldn’t always splurge on, a cupcake from the bakery down the street.

3. Go outside

Go on a hike with views of waterfalls, rent a kayak and spend the day on a lake, take advantage of things your friends may have like a boat or a fishing rod.

4. Binge watch your favorite tv show

Finish a couple seasons in a week or a weekend. Spend some time with your favorite characters.

5. Go to the library

Pick up a book for free, sit outside and enjoy a literary escape.

6. Cuddle your dog

We get caught up in work and other activities, our pets love us so much and we don’t always give that much love back! Sit down and give your pet the attention it needs.

7. Hang out with your family

We often make time for our friends, but take our family for granted. Go shopping with your mom or out to lunch with your sister. You can see your friends another time!

8. Sleep in

I know you might be on a schedule that wakes you up at 7 am no matter what, but don’t rush to get out of bed during your staycation.

9. Relax!

Do whatever it is you do to relax. You have free time and don’t need a lot of money to take a snooze and enjoy a couple days off to yourself:

24 thoughts on “How To: Staycation

      1. Oh, cool! Speaking of social media/communications, I’m going into a social media program this fall. Is it hard to find a job in that field right now? Any tips on the best way to get a job? Just you know for future use.

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      2. I would say that social media is just usually just part of the job description and it’s good to have a background in pr as well for writing purposes, but the jobs are there you just have to look for them! Social media is definitely the future for most companies πŸ™‚


  1. Hello, my name is Kathy…thanks for stopping by my blog….I love this post….this is exactly what I used to do when I was broke and didn’t have a lot of time off…turn off the phone and just enjoy exactly what I wanted…..great ideas…I look forward to following your blog..kat..

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      1. There should be a little follow button that pops up on the right corner! Sometimes WordPress hides it though, or there is a little plus button next to my name when I like one of your posts that should let you follow me!


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