Online Dating: The Worst Pick Up Lines Part 2

I gave dating apps another shot…for like a week. The following are the first messages I received from some of the guys – I proceeded to delete my apps. Check out part one here.

Oh wow that sounds….romantic

Thanks for the invite, but I’ll pass

Well I know you do

Consider this my 100th PSA that pick up lines based off my name are not cute

Even if I could get past your grammar, DON’T SAY THIS TO PEOPLE!!!!

And I shouldn’t be concerned they keep deleting your profile…?

43 thoughts on “Online Dating: The Worst Pick Up Lines Part 2

  1. I’ve never tried on-line dating sites and I never will, the reason is simple I’ve seen how emotionally destructive they can be, a lady I know met with only men who were liars, she’d been single and lonely for nine years and didn’t deserve to be treated so badly.

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  2. Years ago I tried to do the E-harmony thing…I would fill out there 2 hour survey…then have to wait for them to review it….they very politely sent me a message stating that they would never be able to make a match with me…thank you for dropping by….WTF I couldn’t believe it…LOL I tried 3 times, same message, I finally consulted a girlfriend…she told me to lie…and stop being so honest…LOL so I did and I got on…LOL it was a free weekend….I met my current husband on there and its been over 8 years and we are happy as can be…so something did come of that one particular dating sight…kat.

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      1. I was completely honest…I am very easy going and accept people for who they are, and don’t ask for much….I was pretty much right down the middle of there little survey….I am guessing they wanted more diversity…LOL I think they are honest….you just have to be careful on any dating sight…there are nasty people everywhere…..kat

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  3. I’m going to be honest here….I have never said anything like this as my messages are usually bringing up something I liked from their profile with a question and then maybe asking to meet up for coffee after a message or two as I prefer in person conversations for potential dates. These screen shots make me not proud of my gender. Haha. They are entertaining though and I am flabbergasted they all thought these would work. (They also probably wouldn’t understand the word “flabbergasted” either)

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    1. yassss I love your posts!! So many guys have pictures on a top of a mountain or doing something crazy I’m like what??? Why do you all have such similar pictures?? I just really question the weird selfies they choose and the things they put in their bio


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