Find Your Passion Project

Unfortunately, for most people their job is not their passion. Also unfortunately, that job takes up a lot of their time. Between working and commuting and checking your emails on the weekend, our work ends up becoming our life. And if your work is not your passion, then you need a passion project.

You simply cannot live your life without some kind of passion. It doesn’t have to be a grand romance passion or the passion to climb up crazy high mountains. It can be something small, simple, and satisfactory. Something that takes the mundane out of your Mondays. Something that makes life seem more like just work.

For me, my blog is my passion project. The blogging community is a little escape from the real world. People compliment me and my writing, I get to express myself, it’s a win/win for me. I am also very lucky to have a job I am passionate about.

You can have more than one passion project – the more passion in your life, the better! The more things you’re excited about, the more exciting your life will be.

Some good examples of small and satisfactory passion projects are:

  1. Running/ exercise/ yoga/ etc.
  2. Painting/ writing/ arts and crafts/ etc.
  3. Volunteering at any non profit organization
  4. Church organizations
  5. Sports teams

Any tiny thing that you like, you can turn into a passion project! Do you like animals? Volunteer at an animal shelter. Do you like food? Taking some cooking classes or follow some youtube tutorials and post your meals on Instagram! Do you like football? Join a fantasy league, make watching your games a time of relaxation, fun, and stimulation!

Passion projects are a small puzzle piece to living a happier life – but sometimes we need all the help we can get! Try something out, because honestly what’s the worst that can happen? Eventually you’ll find something you love that makes life just a little sweeter.

If you have a passion project, or two, or three, tell me about it in the comments 🙂

35 thoughts on “Find Your Passion Project

  1. Blogging is sort of a passion project for me too. Even when I’m not posting, I’m reading blogs. I too enjoy the interaction and opportunity for expression and feedback. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about doing poetry or short story reading again. It makes me super nervous, but I feel accomplished when I perform in front of an audience. Again, it’s also instant feedback. I’m working on traveling more regularly too. I love experiencing different places

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    1. The instant feedback is really so great and satisfying. You should definitely try poetry reading again! If you don’t like it, you don’t have to do it again 🙂 I’ve been trying to travel more too, it’s a passion project I’m working on

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  2. My passion too is blogging. I also love singing in the shower but that’s probably not a real passion even though I do it passionately! I’m passionate about reading, helping others who are less fortunate and children.

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  3. Soon after I started my job, I realized it would have way more down time than any job I’d previously held. So I started writing between daily tasks and eventually decided I wanted to post them on the Internet. That’s one passion project, though one that’s increasingly on autopilot these days. But I also try to read at least a book a week and for the last 6 years that self-education has been my main passion. Too bad I can’t work on that while I’m at work, too….

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    1. Self education is such a good way to put it! That is also a passion of mine. I used to be such an avid reader but have just started slacking. I like reading because it stimulates your mind but I always feel tired from work so I don’t want to be stimulated lol it’s something I really need to pick back up again.


      1. I try switching up what I read a lot and that helps. But I usually find once I dive into the book that it doesn’t matter much; I’m already in it. 🙂

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  4. “Something that takes the mundane out of your Mondays.” I like that and I can’t promise I won’t steal it lol My passion is definitely blogging and writing. I love that I can do it while I’m working a job that isn’t my passion 🙂

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  5. My passions are blogging which serves as a therapeutic outlet for me, swimming, Reiki energy healing, and singing! I blog whenever I have the time (or whenever I must) and participate in little blogging projects; I try to swim my laps at least twice a week obsessing over my form; I volunteer as a Reiki practitioner in the hospital and also read peer-reveiwed articles on research; and I sing whenever I feel like it! I sometimes don’t have enough time in the day for my passion projects 😛

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    1. That’s amazing!! I definitely need more passion projects to fill my time after work. I need to stop being lazy and start doing more fun things! I want my day to be filled with passion projects like yours 🙂


  6. Gardening for sure….love to care/nurture the plants….its different here in the desert, we recently moved to the Sonoran Desert for husband health issues, but gardening is so different, LOL not a lot of nurturing or watering…LOL but still my passion…another one of my passions is just enjoying everyday to its fullest…I worked at a job for 21 years…its not where I wanted to be everyday…but I made it fun, and full of peaceful times….it was a must to be there, but I could make it a happy place so I added passion to my job….made it a wonderful place to be everyday and it effected all those around me…for the better….great post…made us all think….I love that about WordPress….great community….kat

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  7. Psychology is my passion! And anything & everything I can do to support students. Particularly college students.

    After many years of university, grad school, and post-doc internships as a psychologist – I am blessed to combine both passions as a college psychology professor.📚❤️

    Awesome question. Great discussion! I admire your writing & philosophical take on life as a millenial.✨💫

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  8. That’s a good post. For me designing, cooking and travelling are like my passion. Designing is what I do for a living which I’m really passionate about. Whereas Cooking relaxes me and calms my nerves. When I’m tensed or stressed I cook or paint. They really calm me down. Travelling is more than passion I would is more like lose yourself and rediscover yourself.

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