A Letter To My Future 25 Year Old Self

Happy 25th birthday, future me! You can officially have a quarter life crisis, even though you’ve been saying you’re going through a quarter life crisis since the age of 19.

At 14, you thought no one would ever love you. At 16, you thought you’d never have true friends. At 18, you thought you could never do it alone. At 21, you thought you wouldn’t succeed.

But as the years went by, you proved yourself wrong time and time again. Because someone did love you – even if it didn’t last that long. And you have the best friends you could ever ask for – they’re really almost like angels from heaven to you. And you did it alone when you didn’t have a choice – but you’re never really alone. And you did succeed and you’re still succeeding.

And at 22, a lot of these doubts popped up in my mind again. Will I ever fall in love? Can I do it on my own? Can I succeed?

Well, 25 year old self, I don’t have a whole lot of faith in my present self right now. It’s a very questionable time, there are a lot of moving parts, and I’m just holding on for dear life.

But I do have faith in you. And I have faith in the next two years of my life. Things might be uncertain right now and they might even still be uncertain when you’re 25. You’re still climbing a huge mountain and even if you’re slower or more careful or stop to take some breaks, you are still fighting.

So whether you’re actually having a quarter life crisis and shaving all your hair off, or whether you’re rolling in money and promotions and pet puppies, I’m proud of you.

Not everyone will always be proud of you – you will disappoint people. You’ll let down your family. You’ll fail at work. You’ll ditch your friends. You’ll ignore your boyfriend. But you’ll never disappoint 22 (almost 23) year old me. I have a lot of hope for you. And if you forgot to make the years of 23 to 25 count, it’s time to start again now.

Continue your adventure, I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you will do.


22 year old you

29 thoughts on “A Letter To My Future 25 Year Old Self

  1. Dear Your-25-Year-Old-Self: It will all be ok. At your age, there are a million more life-times to live before you’re 30. Enjoy them all and learn all those lessons that suck at the time you’re enduring but will ultimately make you a stronger, better, more resilient person. Dear 25-Year-Old-Rosie…you got this. Keep going.

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  2. This was so positive. I always feel like we are kinder to ourselves when we distance ourselves from ‘present’ us (if you know what a mean). I find it really therapeutic to calm myself and assure myself everything will turn out okay.

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  3. Loved your post.. you are really talented and thoughtful. As someone who just turned 29, I can tell you that things will turn out fine. Worries and tensions will never cease but your determination and integrity will always keep you going and make you a better person as you grow πŸ™‚

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