Base Your Success On Your Happiness

Some people base their success on money. How much they’re raking in, how often they’re being promoted. Some people base their success on other people. How others react to them, how they impress people.

But really, you should base your success on your happiness.

Make goals. They can include getting promoted, making more money, impressing people – if that’s what’s going to make you truly happy. The little things should add up to one big thing. And that big thing is happiness.

You could tell me you’re an unhappy millionaire who is successful – but I wouldn’t believe you. People who aren’t continuously working towards happiness are ultimately working toward nothing, an empty shell of unsuccess.

The way you succeed at work, at home, socially, etc are very important. But those things shouldn’t be measured by anyone other than yourself. If something isn’t making you happy – change it for you. Not for someone else.

Your paycheck may make you unhappy. Your job title may make you unhappy. The way people react to you may make you unhappy. Your unhappiness is what is making you unsuccessful, not the materials or opinions of others.

Never stop being selfish when it comes to your happiness. And never forget that being happy should be a main goal. It’s easy to get caught up in your bank account or your fancy first impression – but neither of those things define who you really are. And none of those things will impress anyone on a deeper level. It shouldn’t even impress you.

Be impressed by your happiness in a world full of gloom and uncertainty. Base your success on the smile on your face and the warmth in your heart. Keep working towards and building that happiness – never give up.

17 thoughts on “Base Your Success On Your Happiness

  1. I absolutely LOVE this! My ex and I ended up breaking up after 5 years because he was so focused on trying to be successful in work that he didn’t cherish quality time with friends and family anymore… I am so much happier being with someone who also believes happiness is rooted in quality relationships and the “little things” in life. Thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚

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  2. I disagree with you on the notion that someone can’t be a successful millionaire just because they are unhappy. There are many successful people who do well in their trades or professions, but still are unhappy. Why are they successful if they are unhappy? It’s because they are good at it. Someone’s skill is not necessarily on how they feel about it.

    But I think you are onto something when you say base your success on your happiness and not anything else or at least I know not on other people.

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    1. I just don’t consider someone to be successful unless they’re happy, what’s the point of having money and being good at your job if you’re still unhappy? That just doesn’t sound like success to me. But it’s something everyone should definitely work towards!

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      1. I see what you mean. For some people being successful at their job if it means being unhappy is good enough if they are rolling in the dough. It justifies their unhappiness if they know that the money will bring in security that is good enough for them.

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