The Hookup On…

In this post, I explained that my blog is about the hookup culture. But a lot of people had mentioned that they thought the name was something else. Looking at hookup as connections.

As my blog grows, I’ve begun to dabble in talking about my lifestyle. How I buy cruelty free, reviews, vegetarianism, traveling, etc. But I’ve been very uneasy about the way it’s been fitting in.

Finally, I came up with a way to categorize my random lifestyle posts. Their title will say something along the lines of “The Hookup On: Traveling To Toronto” or “The Hookup On: vegetarianism.”

I’m very happy to introduce this to my blog – and while it will only be a very small part – I’m glad I can appropriately fit it in and continue to grow my blog. I hope you all enjoy it too 🙂

11 thoughts on “The Hookup On…

  1. I like the idea of a blog evolving and adding things that work or changing things that don’t. I’ve experimented with things over the years. Did some regular posts, didn’t like them, tried new ones people liked them, even tried doing videos, but found people didn’t really watch them.

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