The Summer of Feels

You know when you hit that time of the year where it just seems like everyone is going Facebook official? Or getting married? Or having a baby?

There are basically two times in the year where relationships seem to pop out of the ground like weeds – summer and mid winter.

Today, June 20th, is the first day of summer.

There’s something about the summer that just makes everyone more attractive. We have golden tans, wear skimpier outfits, and just exude happiness. The sun, the longer days, the overall atmosphere of summer makes everyone more desirable.

In the summer, you’re probably spending most of your time in one place. Whether it’s at school, down the shore, in your home town, etc. So you start to surround yourself with the same group of people. They become your go-to summer buddies and your summer fling will most likely be located in that group.

Summer is a time where we’re looking for adventures. We feel good and we have time to kill, now we just need someone to do it all with. That’s why people tend to get so attached during the summer. We have the time and we’re ready for fun, might as well do it while holding someone else’s hand.

But the summer of feels is dangerous. Because when school starts back up again in the fall, everyone will want to be no strings attached. Or when the tans fade and the high of summer starts to come down – everyone will realize it was all a charade.

The difference between cuffing season in the summer and the winter is – the winter tends to last longer. We’re down to cuddle, we’re not feeling top notch, and we need someone to spend the cold nights with. You might want to be single by the time summer rolls around, but your winter fling has a higher possibility of lasting rather than your summer fling.

Even so – enjoy it all. The summer of feels is a rollercoaster ride – but rollercoasters are fun sometimes, right?

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11 thoughts on “The Summer of Feels

  1. Gurl…idk about you but when you mentioned those golden tans and I was like…maybe pale as a ghost and then red as a tomato when burnt! Lol! I love your post! It was really refreshing!

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      1. Haha yes this is my first time that I got a tan instead of burn. I’ve been out a lot for the past months and mom says I’ve been sun kissed. Light burn but it fades to a really light tan.

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