The Hookup On: My Summer Bucket List

It has been proven that writing down your goals will help you to achieve them, but to share your goals with others will hinder your success.

I definitely think there’s a little truth to both parts. So while I’m sharing my summer bucket list with you, I will keep some of my goals a secret – but most I will share here with you 🙂

  1. Read 25 books
  2. Get back into a fitness routine
  3. Visit Nashville
  4. Visit Washington D.C.
  5. Reach 1000 WordPress followers
  6. Dye my hair a crazy color
  7. Shop at farmer’s markets/more locally
  8. Visit the beach at least once a month
  9. Paint a cooler
  10. Reach 2000 Instagram followers
  11. Reach 450 Facebook likes
  12. Be mindful about what I eat
  13. Redo my blog
  14. Visit at least 5 outdoor parks
  15. Go to at least 5 concerts
  16. Go to a soccer game
  17. Watch Italy win the Eurocup
  18. Be happy

Let me know some of the items from your bucket list! And if you have any suggestions for me, I’m open 🙂


36 thoughts on “The Hookup On: My Summer Bucket List

      1. Goals 5 and 10… I used to think this way in having x number of followers, but in the words of Sabrina, “sometimes more is just more.” I found when I stopped caring about numbers and started caring about making meaningful connection with people I was happier. Numbers can always go up or down but conversations with others, that stays with us. So maybe think about adjusting those goals to a way to make more personable connections. Just a thought from my experiences.

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      2. I have found that the best way to grow my numbers is to have those meaningful conversations! So for me, the two go hand in hand 🙂 The numbers aspect just gives me something to work towards so I don’t start slacking on my blog – but I totally get what you’re saying! Connections are much more important than numbers

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      3. No… I am not saying connection are more important than numbers. I am saying numbers are not important at all. If your real goal is to not slack on blogging, then make that the goal.

        Anyway, I meant to comment back on the hair color thing, lol. Why only if they win? If the idea is to do something crazy, I say go for it regardless of the outcome! 🙂

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  1. My crazy hair color is almost all grown out (underneath layer of pink, then purple, now blurple) so I have to decide on what to do next. 🙂

    I live an hour and a half south of #4, so give a shout out if you are in the neighborhood!

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  2. Thanks for following my blog and give me a chance to see this incredible list… *prepare to make my own list* hi hi I’m so exciting..

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  3. Nashville’s great! I don’t even like music and I loved it!

    I want to skydive, bungee jump, rock climb outdoors, get a second job, apply to move to Australia, hike a bunch of 14ers, and do more random acts of kindness

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