Weird Tinder Bios

How often do I delete and redownload dating apps? Often. Here’s some weird Tinder bios I came across in my swiping adventures:

If a lot of girls on tinder have weird eyebrows and you insult said girls – aren’t you lowering your chances at a match?

I’m gonna need you to not use this face: “;p”

Okay if that’s your thing….”;p”

That’s a lot of money, I’m a little suspicious


Doesn’t this guy just seem super pleasant?

Again, if that’s your thing…..
Next time you’re about to swipe right, I recommend reading the bio. You never know what you’re gonna get.

19 thoughts on “Weird Tinder Bios

  1. Oh oh, this was awesome! Can you look at other women’s profiles too? Be fun to see the crazy ones for females too! Hah, could make a game of it, where you try and match the crazies. And you know, I have to use this emoticon now ;P

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  2. I can’t even imagine some of the creeps that show up on there. I’ve heard so many bad ones, I’m shocked any good ones are on there. Probably what you should do is list the ones that are good or normal.

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