6 Reasons I Stopped Answering You On Tinder

  1. You asked for my number after 1 minute of conversation

Like the whole point of messaging through the app is so I have a little privacy.

2. You asked me out on a date after a 5 minute conversation

You are a stranger!!

3. You never ask questions in return.

Please don’t answer my questions in fragments and expect me to keep the conversation rolling

4. I realized your Tinder bio says some pretty weird things

Sometimes I get a little swipe-happy and go off of looks instead of your bio

5. I googled you and found some not so great stuff

Like, you look nothing like your tinder pics.

6. We are just different

We’re not vibing, we have nothing in common, and I’m pretty sure you’re just messaging me out of boredom.

photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/hans-g-andersson/

11 thoughts on “6 Reasons I Stopped Answering You On Tinder

  1. Modern “hookup culture” seems to be all in the moment but not anything that requires time and patience. Old fashioned courting and relationship building might seem boring but it works and is built to last.

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  2. The Lady WP Blogger I told you about before, the one who’d had not so good on-line experiences (not me lol!!! We met, I wasn’t her type lol but she was lovely about it), we still email though less and less now, well she told me she joined Meetup, maybe for older people? Don’t know how she’s getting on but I hope she’s having fun 🙂

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